Writing log message to command prompt

I am writing a simple xaml (Test.xaml) to print “Hello World”. I am using WriteLine and LogMessage activities.My requirement is to print this in the command prompt.

When I run this xaml from command prompt using

UiRobot -f D:\Temp\Test.xaml

I see {} printed.

I tried adding a new logger and target in my NLog.config file. But I still do not see “Hello World” in the command prompt.

What am I missing?


Is this possible to do with UiPath?

WriteLine and LogMessage activities will log the message in the log file in
Or you can see the message in the output panel of Studio.(The User Interface)
From what I am aware, there is no activity to write to command prompt the way you are describing.
UiPath can write to command prompt using Type Into Activity, but I’m pretty sure that’s not what your asking for.
If you want the output of logs(created manually) to be written in a different file, you can use Write Text, Write CSV Activities.

Regards to making Hello World Application I recommend using Message Box Activity.

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One more thing, Attended robot is intended to be used from the Robot Tray, given that,
Can you let me know a reason why you would want log messages to display in commandline?
What are the benefits of writing certain log information in commandline?

@Yoshi_Akiyama - I do not need to write any logs to the command line. I was just curious if this is possible using UiPath. Thanks for your response.

Let me just say that Log Message and Write Line are not intended write in command prompt,
and there may be activities that can do this, which I am not aware of.
Also UiPath robot’s debug information’s default output is Output Panel in Studio and %localappdata%\UiPath\Logs files.

Thank you @Yoshi_Akiyama.

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