Writing datable into excel

Hi All,

I am working with some excel automation,
I am getting a data table and I have to update this in one excel which already has data and data is in the table so i have to write data table which I have below those excel rows.

I tried writing with write cell but it is writing the data after the table in the excel

could you please help me with this

Hi @Apchu

Can u elaborate more on your usecase?


Instead of write cell activity use Write Range activity

Hope this may help you


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Totally agree with @ksrinu070184; and if you want to start writing at a specific cell, write it in the “Range” property (for instance if you want to start writing at A2 then write “A2”); if you want the headers to appear, check “Add headers” property

Hi @ksrinu070184 , @Hiba_B

I tried with write range but still the problem remains same
The range is dynamic , its not constant

Can you share your workflow and this xlsx (with dummy values)?

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