I want to write in excel from specific cell

I want to write down from specific cell using data table is it possible. I dont want to use write cell for every single cell.
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For eg I want to write from this specific cell of First Name.

Hi @Bhushan_Nagaonkar

If you know the Index of the row. Then Use for each row activity to iterate the rows in the excel.
Inside For each row activity Insert the If condition

CurrentIndex.equals(5)  -> In the place of 5 give the row index

Inside If condition place the Write cell activity. From that It will write the data from the specific cell.

Hope it helps!!

So I have to same in data table right and then continue with flow?

Hi @Bhushan_Nagaonkar

In Write Range Workbook activity mention that cell then it will write from that cell only.


Ok sure thanks. I will try and let you know.

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Yes @Bhushan_Nagaonkar

I already tried with it. It’s working I try to write in the excel.

Check the below workflow for better understanding.

Note - The Index will starts from 0 based on that give the row index. If the row number is 5 give the index as 4.

Hope you understand!!


In the range field of write range give the cell number from where you want to write


So I have to store all the values in data table, give the output datatable variable. Right and then write cell. Some values will be blank do we have to give any condition. Since those values will be blank

Hi @Bhushan_Nagaonkar

Check out this thread. It might help you.

Hope it helps!!

Do you want the input data in the specified cell or from the specified cell.

If your input data is in the datatable. Then use the write range workbook activity to write the datatable to the excel from the specified cell by giving the range in the Range field in the write range workbook actvity.
Pass the datatable variable in the Datatable field in write range workbook activity.

Check the below image.

From specified cell. Im using 5-7 get text to get output and want to store it in data table and write from specific data table. It has blank values too.


Store the get text values in a list of string variable.
1.Take Use Excel file activity and give the path of the excel file inside use for each row activity to iterate the excel rows.Inside use Excel file place assign activity and initialise 0 as a value.

2.create a integer variable called count after assign activity insert for each place if activity and give the below condition .

CurrentIndex.equals(5) → In the place of 5 give the row index

3.inside for each row insert write cell activity, in what to write field give list variable (count) and in where to write field give currentrow.byfield(“ColumnName”)

4.After write cell use the assign activity to increment the count.

Hope you understand!!

Can you share a flow if possible. I just to want to be clear Thankyou.