Write in a column, without generating new sheet in excel

well first read the excel data, through , then I specify the data to use through , I store it in a list and through the in a page I generate codes by In the middle of my list previously extracted, then I extract those codes by means of , and finally I want to write it in the initial excel, but if I use , write them at the end of the document and not in parallel with the data, could someone help me?
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What does do
write range with Range Info P1 and appropriate addheader settings?

Yes, but when I do that, I overwrite the entire table in the comments column, and do not write the values that I want, since there is no space to write my extracted value, only the location of the Excel, the sheets, range and the datatable and I have to register values in string


I do See in the Screenshots but you were using a Datatable with the Data from column A Till O.

Here its Better to write selective a Datatable only with the p col Info.

Coming Back to your Options. Let US clear following. The Data you want to selective Update in col P are available as which dataype?

I did not understand the first part very well, but the data that I will write in column p are data type , which are generated on a web page, through the I generate that data and I want to register it in the excel as I mentioned

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Now it worked but, I need the range to be dynamic and go down while writing the data, but I don’t know how to do it, any ideas?

First of all WE will get IT Run

Your description on how you will get the p col Data and is IT on a list, Datatable … Is Not clear to me.

But i assumed That you have read in col a to o into a Datatable, right?

So my First Statement were about using Not the Datatable with col Data a to o plus p, but only column p Data and write Ränge with Range P1

So can you please Help me on how do Store col p Data? Thanks

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neglect already I left, use the variable <count = 1> and then <count = count + 1> and the range became dynamic

Thanks for the help

Looking at your Statement i do interpretate that you are writing in a for each loop for each row the p column with a write cell Activity.

When i do Understand your question right, you were asking in how to dynamize the Range Info Like P1, p2…

Use the Index Output from for each and with a correction of plus one you can build the dynamic Ränge info

The benefit is that you dont have to handle the incremented counter manually

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Perfect and Well done. Happy automation :grin:


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