WriteCell for Dynamic Column Range

Hello Everyone,

I would like to write cell, value = 100 for range A19 to A36, as this range is empty.

Is there a way to define the range to write cell for dynamic start and dynamic end?

I was able to get the last row of column A & B using datable.rows.count and Substring.

Was not able to write range using this formula:

Range Expression in Write Cell:
“$A” + LastRowColumnA + 1 + “:$A” + LastRowColumnB

DyanmicStartEnd.xlsx (10.5 KB)


Hi @Md_Hidayat ,

We cannot use range value in the write cell activity. instead you can approach it differently like below. please try and let us know. thanks.

  1. Use write cell activity and input the following expression

Cell → “A” + LastRowColumnA
Text → “100”

  1. Use Auto fill range activity

Source range → “A” + LastRowColumnA
Fill Range → “A” + LastRowColumnA + 1 + “:A” + LastRowColumnB

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Thank you @kirankumar.mahanthi1 !

It works as expected.
Looks like auto fill range is the way.


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Your welcome @Md_Hidayat

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