I want to dynamically pass range in write cell activity. I have two variables - row and column and i want to write to a cell with address - row:column


is row and column variables Row type and Column Type? Or they are just indicators for row and column number?

So non-dynamically is something like “A1” right, then you need 2 string values Row and Column, and you just need to use String concatenation to get the desired values.
If your Column in type int32, use .toString() method to convert it to a String

Hi olgu,
i´m receiving a message: “Write Cell: The range does not exist.” when setting the Range of the activity dynamically. I have it inside a for each where i count positions whose represent a column letter inside a switch at the end i concatenate it to a fixed row (3) and assing the Letter+3 to a variable. when putting this variable (cell) inside the range activity i got the error message. Any idea? thanks in advance.