Write range or wrtie cell



how to write into a range if we have the starting range of the cell in a calculated integer value in ui path?
That is
I will have some values in those fields… Need to fill entire row with blank …


Hi @shrganes

You could pass it as string in the Range input of Write range activity.
What does the integer variable return?


The integer variable returns the count of how many cells have been filled…
For example…
Count = 187…
I want to start filling in the file from A187 to Z250 with blank values… Where i will have cell number in count variable…


Could you maybe clarify if you are wanting to delete all the data in those rows or just add blank rows to an already blank range?

Cause if it’s already blank then just don’t write anything to that range.

But, if you are looking to remove all the data in those rows, assuming you use an Excel Scope, you could use Select Range activity with keystrokes possibly.
For example,
Select Range with range being number.ToString+":"+(number+63).ToString
Then use Type Into with "[k(del)]"
there might be other solutions to this as well.


I want to delete the records that will be starting from that intermediate range…