Write logg in excel make it go on next line

Hello i have a robot that performs several taskes, and i have some actions on some of them where i insert data into a datatable and then logg it into a excel sheet. All of this works, except it overwrites the alrdy existing line in the excel sheet. I want it to go to next line.

As for now its only one line written in excel, how can i make it use the same excel sheet just write on the next row ?

Use the Append Range activity to append to pre-existing data.

so inside excel app scope instead of having write range i shall have append range ?

Yes. That can be used to append after the final line in the workbook.

what sthe difference between write range and append range ?

Append Range appends data into the workbook where specified. Write Range overwrites the data in the worksheet you’ve specified or creates a new sheet/workbook if one does not exist.

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okey so if none its created then it does nothing ?

Write Range will write a new sheet if the workbook exists. If the workbook itself doesn’t exist, it will create one.

Append Range will not do this. The sheet and workbook must already exist.

aha, but the excel app scope will that one create a new excel file?

When you specify the workbook in the Excel Application Scope, this will create a new file if one does not already exist.

yes figured, thanks for help man :slight_smile:

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