Add row(count+1) without using write cell

i was already tried may ways to get ride this error


so please let me

i want add data on each row(count+1) with out using Write cell

is there any other options so that we achieve this

Thank you.

Hi @vineelag ,

Could you let us know in some more detail as to what you want to perform ?

Providing Input and the Expected output for it would help us to analyse and understand better.

Hi @vineelag ,
Have you tried Append Range activity,
using the “Create Workbook” activity, and use the “Append Range” activity to add the current row of data to the next empty row in the new excel file.

hi @supermanPunch , @Shanmathi

i am using macro like .xlsm file and it will open in excel application scope only

and you can see on ss it i am getting error while try to use write cell.

so i need other solution to add cell.

@vineelag ,

Have you tried reading the Excel sheet as a Datatable and then update the rows/Column value using a For Each Row Activity and then write the datatable back using Write Range Activity ?

for ex i have 100 records,

while using for each row, if i got on exception at 57 record in that case
write range wrote the 56 records in that sheet ?


your saying like this



i found few things like this


But still i should add write range right

Is there any other way

@vineelag ,

You would not need to use Write Cell Activity , You should pass the Datatable value to the For Each Row Activity and should use an Assign Activity to update each row value of the Datatable in the below way :

row("YourColumnNameToUpdate") = "Value you want to Update"

The above also corresponds to what is mentioned.

I believe we would have to use these methods or a VBA.

Let us also know why this isn’t preferred for your case.


as you can see on my first ss its getting an error.

because of that error i not able to add the values.

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