Write CSV not working properly


I’m trying to write some data on a CSV file, but i was not able to use write cell. i found out online that there is an activity called “Write CSV”, I downloaded the package, read the xls file and use the datatable to write on my csv but the below error appears , please advise

“message”: “Write CSV: Method not found: ‘CsvHelper.Configuration.CsvConfiguration CsvHelper.CsvWriter.get_Configuration()’.”,

Goto Manage Package, Reinstall Excel Package, restart UiPath, Machine and try.

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I am facing the same issue… tried reinstalling and restarting but the issue persists.
Please help

installing a different (lower) version of csv helper solved this issue for me

You can use the official UiPath activities for this - “Output Datatable” will convert the DT to CSV format, then you can use “Write Text File”, giving the path in CSV format (E.G. output to C:\Temp\example.csv)

This is sooo random, but its worked for me everytime, if you have the Salesfore activities installed it messes up the CSV activities. You need to downgrade it or remove it all together. Idk why csv and salesforce mess with each other but for me thats always the fix

This is correct, I uninstalled Salesforce Package and write to CSV activity is working again!