Write the write the data into the data table in uipath

how to write the write the data into the data table in UiPath

Just put Write Range outside of For each and try once your problem will be solved
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Hi @krishna_priya

Use “Add Data Row” Activity to store the values from the datatable. Use Write Range Workbook to write the datatable to Excel. Hope it helps!!


by adding Add Data Row activty,to build datatable you can write the data in DT

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Can you please check the variables of Sender,Date_Send,Subject,Mail_Body is that the values are present in it or not and check how many mails are there in the input

Sender,Date_Send,Subject,Mail_Body are the variables
1 mails

Which activity your are using to getmails
Can you please check the values of the variables using log message


You have to use add datarow and not for loop…when there is no data in dt…there is nothing to loop

and use array row as {Date_Send,Sender,Mail_Body,Sender}


The activity to be used is add data row not add data column


Place add data row as Anil said

in the Mail = Gmail.folder(“Inbox”)(0)

I want to read all the Mail’s without mention the index Number like -(0)


Use for each email activity


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