Append cells in excel under a header

Hi all, can anyone tell me if this is possible via UiPath:

I want to create a workflow that appends the excel file such that it writes the text in variable 1 inside a cell under a header, then the text in variable2 on the right of said cell, then same for variable 3, 4, etc. And, eventually, it goes down a row and starts at the left most cell.

which basically looks like this:

I have already done the for each loop that enables me to generate variables for each file, so Im struggling with the part of data entry now. As far as Im concerned, I cant find any activity that does what I want, how should I approach this task?

You can use Write Cell activity to write the value at particular cell.

thanks for your reply
i have at least 10k files for entry, can I still use the write cell activity? Because there is no way I can specify each cell for each of my variables, I have to make the assignment automatic.

You need to to create 10K or not have to invoke 10K write cell activity. You can do like the below screenshot.

Hello, @Ben_siu - The variable values can be saved in a data table. At last, you can write the complete data table at once in an excel file

Ref video - UiPath Tutorial | How to Use Add Data Row in UiPath Data Table - YouTube

this seems like an idea, but I have some concerns regarding this method.
Firstly, as far as I can tell, adding columns instead of rows seems more suitable for my task, does it work the same way too?
Secondly, if I use append range activity to put the datatable into the excel file, will it overwrite my original data?
Thirdly, if I append a new column to the datatable will it move my header which is originally in my text file already?