Write the error in excel sheet using error handling

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I want to write the error in excel sheet using error handling but when I give the range of particular cell like A3 so it work and write the error on that cell , but when I does not give the range in write cell so it does not work . and even when I used the append range Its not working so can you please help me.

For Write Cell Activity, Range is mandatory. Else the workflow doesn’t know where to write the given string.

Append Range activity works only with the data tables. Not for the strings.


You can use counter so your cell in write cell will be dynamic.
Your cell field would look something like this “A” + Counter.ToString.
Just make sure that every time you encounter an error, increase the value of Counter by 1.

Hope this helps.

Thanks @albert.yango

I have tried it by using counter but I am not getting the result.
If it is possible ,could you please give me the solution example.

Thanks @KarthikByggari

but how can I specify the range because there is a multiple range in excel file and I also used append range with data-table. but I am not getting the result properly.

Do you want insert error messages one by one in a column dynamically?

Karthik Byggari

yes @KarthikByggari.

Use Read Range Activity, and take the count of rows in Excel Sheet.

Output of Read Range Activity is Data Table, dt

Assign Activity,intCount = dt.Rows.Count
Assign Activity, intCount = intCount + 1
Write Cell Activity, Range:"A" + intCount.ToString , Value: Exception Message

Every time, when the error occurs, the error message will write into the next available empty cell in a excel sheet.

Karthik Byggari