Exception has been thrown as an target of an innovation for write range

Hi guys,

Am using get text to get a value from a website, and want to write in a excel column
but getting this error for assign activity “Assign: Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation.”

Help me to resolve this
Thanks in advance!!


May I know what Activity are you using to write data into Excel ? And also show me screenshot of it how you are writing. So that I can check and help you better in this.

hey @lakshman

its read range

i need to update the tracking# column


If you writing into single cell then use Write Cell Activity and if you want to write into multiple cells then use Write Range Activity.

We will use Read Range Activity to read data from excel file but not for writing.

sorry @lakshman. i meant write range. not read range sorry for the mistake


am using write range…i tried even write cell…again its giving the error


You are doing it in wrong way.

Could you please tell more details about what you trying to do here ?


Am trying to fetch the value from the website using get text activity.
i wanted to write that value in to excel under tracking column in for each

get text value is ‘PIQ-700185’. the same value i need to write in excel under ‘tracking#’ column


Use Write Range Activity after the ForEach Row Activity but not inside of it.

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still getting the same error. no idea where am wrong


Left hand value should be like this.


yes its like that only…its not visible there row(“TRACKING#”)