Move Data from DataTabel to Excel file


I need to move data from DataTable(InputDataTable) to Excel File.
I use write range activity but it’s not successful with error message on pic.

What should I do? Please suggest to fix it.

Hi @Supakinee_Navawong_na_ayu,

Error specifying file is being used by another process means, file might be opened already… Or some process is being using that file in background,
I’ll suggest you to make sure file is closed and run the workflow.


You can use Excel activities instead of workbook activities… (If you have Excel installed in your machine) because Workbook activities do not allow excel to be open.
So if have excel installed then, I would suggest to go with Write Range activity from uipath.excel.activities package inside Excel Application Scope.
But if you don’t have excel then you have only option left is using workbook activities as you’d used and to ensure file is close .

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Hi @Supakinee_Navawong_na_ayu,

Your getting error because two times open file(you are giving path two times)

You need to use like below


Omkar P


Further to this, I would recommend reading up on the Excel Application Scope and the difference between the two “Write Range” activities.


Thank you for all of you. I can made it.

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Great news, please mark the solution so that others can find it easily in the future :slight_smile:

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