Write range: the source contains no datarows

hello guys:
I’m using"read range" in a excel application scope sheet1 to get the data that’s qualified, and then use “write range” to put the data in sheet2, but there’s an error in write range said: “the source contains no datarows”, exception type is “invalid operation exception”, i don’t know why, could sb help me? many thanks.

Hi @june

Make sure you have declared the OUTPUT variable in Read Range activity.

If you have declared and still the error persists, please attach your xaml and we will check that once.


thanks Rahul, later i fould that it is because there is actually no data that’s qualified:grin: thank you very much!

hey @Jun

check if it contains rows with Datatable.AsEnumerable().Any() is also to make sure that you are getting data to perform further operations.
or also like this “Datatable.Rows.count() > 0


oh thanks very much aksh, i’ll try this.:slight_smile: