Write range erroe

am dng filter the data getting error range does exit

Hi @damodar99,

Please check the sheet name whether you already have or not.

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dont have any sheet only one sheet there

Can you share me the sample workflow file? I will check and let you know!


Make sure the workflow if not opening in the read only format and one more thing is , just a normal thing, it has to work. try restarting the uipath studio.

Main.xaml (7.9 KB) Test1.xlsx (9.0 KB)

Please check it

Hi @damodar99,

You have used space " " in write range and read range activity. Please put the empty string in it.
Please find the Test.zip (8.6 KB)


Am removing space and showing same error u get result correct

is there a “Sheet2” in your workbook?
and, you should set the range when you use write range

Hey its working am resort the system

Hi @damodar99,

Please find Test.zip file and check it.