Write Range: Syntax error

Hi All,

I am preparing a datatable by manipulating different datatables and then dumping that final data into an old excel. I am using Write Range Activity (Workbook) for data dump. But it is giving this error: “Write Range: Syntax error”. I tried using Write Range Activity (Excel) but it gives this error: “Write Range: Could not write the data table DataTable starting with cell A17000:M17432.”

When i am using write range activity for fresh excel then it’s working fine.

I checked for hyperlinks but there are no hyperlinks in the old excel. What can be the possible reasons for this issue.

Any help or hint would be highly appreciated.

Kind Regards,
Jyoti Bora

“Write Range” activity has “StartingCell” propperty while you provide range.
Correct would be just “A17000”


Thanks JOska. I have tried this as well but no help. Also FYI, we can provide range A17000:M17432 as well. It works. But in this excel i am not sure what’s the issue.