Excel - Write Range error

Hello All,

I have a datatable with the count of records close to 50k
i am trying to write this into a sheet in an excel file using write range activity.

In between, one cell has value starting with ‘=’ symbol and the activity stops here and gives an error “Could not write the datatable starting with cell A1”

All the data prior to that cell is written into the sheet perfectly.

How do I get this sorted ?

Another peculiar thing is i have 2 cells which starts like this - "========== User’s Account Details ============myID: " [quotes excluded]

1 cell is written to the sheet but the other cell isnt
Even 1 more excel file stops because write range isnt able to write the values starting with ‘=’ symbol

Any leads here would be highly appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

Hi, this is because that activity will try to process that as a formula, see if you can instead use the activity that is not inside the excel scope, from the System-File-Workbook category.

And if you really need that to work in excel (after writing it), you will need to add a ' before every cell that you need to begin with a =, that is how excel works…


@bcorrea The error is not because of “=” symbol as i tried again. Looks like the problem is something else but your solution of trying the activity outside the scope worked.

Thanks mate!

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