Write range sometimes doesn't write the results of formulas

Hi everybody,

I have a workflow that is dealing with a big Excel file. At some point of the process I have to extract one of the tabs as new sheet. The tab to be extracted contains some text and some formulas and the extracted sheet needs to have the text and the results of the formulas.

I used a read range inside an Excel process Scope/Use Excel file to copy the range and a Write range workbook to write it to the new file.

The problem is that sometimes the write range when writing doesn’t write at all the values resulting from formulas just empty cells or zero. And this on a totally random basis…

I would really appreciate if anyone has an idea, also because we are already in production with this project.

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Can you try using read range workbook activity instead of excel read range. Ideally there is no specific reason it could happen…but to check please try with read range workbook activity as you are already using write range workbook


At the beginning I was using read range workbook, but I realized that read range Excel is much faster. Now I’m testing switching the write range workbook with write range Excel…

My idea didn’t work… The new file were produced completely empty…

Does anyone have an idea on how to fix this stuff?


Can ypu share your workflow…ideally that should not be the issue…

You have options to read visible rows…format preserved and all…please try those option combinations…


Hi Franz,

Not sure if this is the best way, but something that has worked for me is to use a copy/paste range activity and copy the values.


Hi everybody,

The reason, at the end, was not on the bot side, but on the file… The formula on the file had an additional criteria that was giving the problem… Fixing the formula => problem fixed…

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