Read Range to Write Range : Excel formula not copy into new sheet

I See alots of people getting error message on this, i do not.

My robot do what it suppose to do :

  • Read the range
  • Write to datatable
  • Write to a new sheet

All data is written in every cell. EXCEPT formula.

Formula are not copy from one sheet to another.

Formula example :

=IF(ISNA(VLOOKUP(E3,'Cheat Data Table'!$B:$D,3,0))," ",((VLOOKUP(E3,'Cheat Data Table'!$B:$D,3,0))))

What do i do wrong ?


Hi @Nicolas_Lamoureux

I think read cell or read range will read the data showing in the cell and not the formula behind it,

If you want to read formula we can use read cell formula activity,


Tanxs for your quick answer.

That is going to slow me down alot using cell instead of range.
I need to read each rowm duplicated each 7 time, add different text in each duplicated and then do the same for the next row.

Imagine if i have to do this for every cell. 1 row is 30 cell long…

I’m open to suggestion because at this point, it’s faster to do it manually in excel

ALSO : The copy/paste activity work fine, and copy the formula. But does not allow for each row, wich i need.

@Nicolas_Lamoureux we can also use excel VBA for this using invoke VBA activity…