Workbook Write Range to excel with formula


I did a few tests on Workbook Write Range, and it seems to me that it only writes the data content to the excel file without the associated formula.

Can I conclude that Workbook Write Range overrides any existing data, and formula (but keep the format of the individual cells of the original excel written to the Data Table, eg. date, general) on the excel file with the data from the DataTable ?

I encounter error when I use the Workbook Write Range to an excel file with existing format and formula (even I cleared all content in the excel file), but ok (can get all data to the excel) if the excel file is empty.

Is there anything wrong with my concept ?



If you use the Write Range activity associated with the Excel Application Scope it should work. Workbook actions will not do if you try to write formulas, it will just write the formula as a literal value :smile: .


Thank you very much for your prompt advice.


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Yes, actually


Nope, it doesn’t work with Write Range activity associated with the Excel Application Scope either.

I did some simple tests too on both Workbook and Excel App Scope using Read Range - Write Range activity and it seems that all formulas in the initial Excel file are lost (whether you rewrite the original sheet or create a new one).

Please do correct me if I’m wrong, I’m just a beginner. And I’m surprised that apparently such a small issue is, in fact, such a big inconvenience, especially if you’re working on a big and not so standard excel file.

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