Write range issue

I use write range. the exception :the range does not exists.But I use write cell ,it sucess. how to solve this problem

@badita, @ovi, @Gabriel_Tatu
It was my understanding that this Write Range issue was being addressed, so just wondering if this has been resolved yet or is there an update coming soon?

I just updated to Studio Pro 2016.2.6442, and the problem continued.
Excel Package Version: 2.0.6382.14545
OS: Windows 7 and Windows Server 2012 R

I recently discovered that it is due to the datatable being too large for the range, which never occurred in earlier versions.

In a specific case where I extracted a wall of text and needed to place it in a sheet, I found that writing the first 59 lines worked but writing 60 produced the “Range does not exist” Exception consistently.

I’m trying to avoid Workarounds, like having to use Set Clipboard and pasting text for example.

About a month ago, my team was working directly with UiPath Support to resolve the Write Range issues, but the resolution ended up being that they were going to fix it in an update.


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I am currently having the same issue once my datatable exceeds a certain size. I have currently resolved it by using two different datatables to build the full dataset, but would very much like an update to fix this issue.

Thank you