Write range activity:

write range only write the Status column.
I want to write all the 3 row in excel


I see you are using write range in a loop…

I guess you need to use outside the loop



Can you check content of primo and invsts variable using Break point or LogMessage?
If they are empty, please review logic to assign value.


yeah i done that in a message box. pimno and invsts contains value


Can you set Breakpoint at WriteRange activity then debug run? We can check content of datatable etc at Locals panel as the following.


Hi @AbarnaKalaiselvam - Can you check below points

  1. Before you writing the data to excel can you print data table using Output DataTable activity and check it has the required data or no
  2. Make sure the data table variable is defined within a scope
  3. Instead of column names can you try giving column index
Ex: Row(0) = "Completed"
Row(1) = Pimno
Row(2) = invsts
  1. If it didn’t work, can you also give a try with Add Data Row activity instead of Assign activity


variable scope is the probem.
Thankyou @ushu

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