Having problem using Write Range

Hi, can some please tell me whats the problem of my code, i have a DataTable which is DT and have to update the column operation ID, but the problem is when I used to watch the DT it has everything correct including the operationID on all the rows, I have 2 row to be exact but then I use the write range it seems that it is only saving the value of the operationID in the first row then the second row value is also the value of the first.

I put the updating of the operation ID in a For each loop then the Write range after the for each loop.
item.ToString is the sheetname

Update Row Item is the one im using to update the operation ID:

This is my write range:


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Hi @Greggy in update row item activity write currentrow.itemarray instead of currentrow

Hi Tapan,

Iā€™m having this error when I use that

I have checked the DataTable all the data are correct but when I will initiate the Write Range activity this is my output:


The Operation ID on the second row should be 2209270000092921, not the same with the first row

Oh! sorry your code is correct but just check the operationId value by using a log message before the update row item activity. I think in second iteration the same value is coming.