Write Range Activity Error: Strongly-named Assembly Required


I am trying to write sheet 1 of “+ courseCode +” + “-ExportedRoster.xls” (variable = ParentExportedRosterDT) into a new sheet named “+ courseCode +” + “-ExportedRoster” (in WorkbookPath “CompletionCreditBotNewTemplate.xlsm”).

I am receiving the error below – Write range : A strongly-named assembly is required. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x80131044)

How do I complete the fields so that Sheet 1 of “+ courseCode +” + “-ExportedRoster.xls” is pasted into a new sheet titled “+ courseCode +” + “-ExportedRoster.xls” in “CompletionCreditBotNewTemplate.xlsm”. Is creating a DT for the information in sheet 1 even necessary?


There are two write range activity in uipath .
Could you please use Write range activity under excel tab not under workbook .

Any solution for this error ?
@badita @Dominic @ovi

@ddrdushy1, Other than Dilip’s suggestion, I have no idea on this. Lets wait for others.

Dom :slight_smile:


If you are creating .xls file then please use Write Range activity under Excel application scope of Excel instead of WorkBook as .xls file gets corrupted or gives error in Write Range of Workbook activity.


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Hi Dushyanth,

Could you please provide Studio version and Excel package version? Do you get this error on Write Range as well?

Can you describe the steps so that we can reproduce? Or upload here your workflow?


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hi all,
thanks for the reply. i found out the problem. now its fixed. I tried to write the data into a corrupted excel. thank you :slight_smile: