Error Caught while writing to excel. A strongly named assemly is required. Exception from HRESULT: 0x80131044

Hi Team,
I have a process where i am extracting data from via data scrapping and writing the datatable to a workbook.

I have to use a workbook as the machine/vm on which the bot will run will not have excel.

When i am writing the data to excel i am getting the below error. Any guidance on how to resolve this.

It was working perfectly fine until I updated the excel.activities package but now i get the same error if i revert to it. (old excel package 2.4.6863.30657)

Orchestrator version - 2018.3.2
Studio Version - 2018.3.2

I have already scanned the forum but found nothing that is working for me.



While running the bot your excel file is opened, try to close the excel file and then run the bot.
The error will not come.

Hi @ig250097

I am creating the excel file here. I do not have an excel file by this name

Then use close workbook activity to close the excel file which was opened.

Hi @ig250097

There is no close workbook activity for workbook. I do not want to use excel as the machine i will run the bot on has no excel/ms office.

Also i am getting an error when its trying to write the data to a new file, while it is creating it.

Hi @RiteshJain1411

Could you reproduce this issue in a newly created project with a simple write range activity (paired with a default Built Data Table)?
(just to single out the issue and debug it a bit easier)

Also, is the file by any chance with extension .xlsm?

Hi @loginerror,
I was not able to reproduce the issue when i created a new test workflow in a new project. Hence, i moved my code to a new project and my code works now. This workaround solves my issue.

However, I dont know the exact reason for the error yet but i am assuming it was something to do with the excel package update.

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I’m glad that it worked out for you. It might be that some temporary files related to the project got corrupted. Hopefully the issue will not re-surface again :slight_smile: