URGENT: strange behaviour on write range


I’m extracting 2 datatable from different excels, and using “write range” put them in another excel file, i can see the execution on the screen but when opening the file, i can see only the first extracted one.

Are you using excel write range, or are you using workbook write range?

If excel write range, are both contained in the same excel application scope? If not, be sure you are outputting the workbook variable from the 1st one and use the existing workbook variable as inuput for the second one. Is the AutoSave box checked? If not, be sure you use the save workbook activity prior to closing the application. Also, be sure that your final excel application scope does not output a workbook variable, as that will keep the workbook open rather than saving and exiting.

That’s where I’d start. It’s hard to tell what’s happening without further explanation or screenshots

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Hi Dave,

I had resolved this problem, but now i had another one:

Add data row : Input array is longer than the number of columns in this table.


You might need to use Add Data Column or make sure you have enough columns in the Data Table that matches the number you have in the ArrayRow; you show you are trying to add 4 columns.

Sorry, looks like you are trying to add 1 column. So I’m guessing you have a new Data Table with no columns or an empty table.

yes indeed i had created a new datatable,

Instead of creating datatabletofill using an assign activity, you can instead use the build datatable activity. This allows you to structure your datatable however you’d like. In your case it looks like you’d want 4 columns of type string. Then, output that datatable as your variable datatabletofill