Orchestrator Queue data, for report generation

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The BOT is added to a specific Orchestrator and my aim is to send the automatic report on daily basics at a specific time. The report must contain only the data with Status as Successful, failed, retired as per the given duration, i am able to filter that in that in the Get Transaction Items, but i am not able to write that data to a excel.

Can anyone suggest me a solution on how to add the queue data to a Excel, any suggestions will be helpful.



to get the queue items we can use GET TRANSACTION ITEM activity if we are trying to get only one queue item in specific from a queue or if we are trying to get all the transaction items from a queue then we can use GET QUEUE ITEM activity
for more details on how to use these activities

each has an example
hope this would help you
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hi @Palaniyappan,

Thanks for the Quick Reply.

Tried working with “Get Transaction Item” and while the Queue-state filter is not working as per the structure, I am not able to extract all the states such a Failed,Retried and Successful, either it is showing only new or retried or either of them. I also need to extract the Exception Reason or Exception Type, while trying to write in Excel giving text as shown below.

Is there anyway to get the Exception Type and exception Reasons and the Specific data also to check weather the cases are processed to be processes manually.