Write out info from assign activity

been trying for hours any help would be appreciated.
flow is supposed to read data from the excel file A column and write out data in column B based on the v1 variable which is supposed to filter and count the number of times the “MA” or “AT” appears at each row,been trying for hours any help would be appreciated. Please advise thanks.

Main.xaml (19.2 KB) test.xlsx (19.2 KB)

@lmoham …I guess @Yoichi has already provided solution in the in your previous post …right?

the solution works but im not getting the intended result, i believe theres a problem when placing row.ToString() into the solution but I have no idea how to post the datatable from the read range into yoichi’s solution, get it to count the number, then write it into the file.

Added a read cell activity within the for loop
assigned a variable and attached variable to yoichi’s solution.

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