Write only a cell of datatable in another app

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So, i need to read only two cells from a table and export the data from this cell to another app, and make this work automatically as a loop, so the problem isnt making a loop since we can use some components from the section “WorkFlow”, but how can I make these components go to the next row when the looping happens.


@g.vanderlei use the the activity ‘For each row in Date Table’ instead of creating your own loop.
For Each Row in Data Table (uipath.com)

Hi @g.vanderlei ,

Maybe if only those two values read using Read Cell Activity is required, you could combine them as a Collection/Array. So that you could use For Each Activity to loop through the cell values.

Combining as an Array using an Assign Activity :

arrayCellValues = {Cell1Var,Cell2Var}

Here, arrayCellValues is a variable of type Array of String, Cell1Var and Cell2Var are String type variables which are the outputs of Read Cell Activity.
Let us know if you require further help.

Hi @supermanPunch,

I think u miss understood my problem. I don’t need the 2 cells together, like an array, what i need is a loop that everytime that runs it gets the next row on the excel sheet, read that and write in the other app.

So now i need to solve the loop problem. How can i make the component “Type Into” catch the next cell everytime it runs?

I will send my .xaml and .csv

Teste Inutilização.xlsx (9.6 KB)
Test1.xaml (39.8 KB)

Can u help me with this?
How can i use in this sequence, or i need to start a new?

Test1.xaml (39.8 KB)

You can read your excel file and store it in a DataTable Variable and then you can use the For Each Row in Data Table, using your new DataTable Variable as a argument.

Inside the for each you can pass the index from your column, for example: CurrentRow(0) → will get the first row from your first column from your excel.

The for each will loop for every row in your datatable so inside your APP you can simply pass a “Type Into Activity” with the value CurrentRow(0).ToString to get the value from the column A and CurrentRow(1).ToString to get the value from the column B
Test1.zip (64.5 KB)

testloop.zip (2.7 KB)
I couldn’t open your file, but here is sample to get value from second and fourth column from each row

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