Does Write Line Activity Show Up In Orchestrator Logs

Does Write Line Activity Show Up In Orchestrator Logs?

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Nope, you need to use log message, refer below documentations, to understand better :

About Logs

The Logs page displays logs generated by Robots. To make it easier to sift through all the generated data, you can view it in a filtered manner, as follows: * all logs generated by an indicated Robot, from the Robots page; * all logs…

Robot Logs

Logs are time-stamped files which contain informational events, error and warning messages relevant to the application. If Orchestrator is unavailable, logs are stored in a local database…

Logging Levels

Logging Levels in UiPath The Verbose level logs a message for both the activity start and end, plus the values of the variables and arguments that are used. By default, the Verbose level includes: * Execution Started log entry -…