Write in this format in the mail BODY

hi @GBK,

can you please let me know how can i write in the below manner in the body of email using outlook activity.
i want the bold and highlighted to be there in the mail body:

If no changes are required,


  • M ention “Approved” in the subject of the mail.

If changes are required,


  • Mention “Adjustment Required” in the subject of the mail .
  • For the transactions where *** entries in ** 140** that are not to corresponding GL *****(posted to GL ***** or *****): Mention “To-Post” or “Not-to-post”
  • Attach the revised computation file.

IC team to share the computation file with the bot for recalculating the HV template before posting.


  • Mention “Completed” in the mail subject while replying to the bot.
  • Attach the revised computation file.

@Zara - you can build a 2 easy html email template files ( A - no change … B - change required) in below mentioned html format → save it in your project/share location →
based on your logic refer A or B files → read the file and assign to the outlook mail body…

<!DCOTYPE html>

can u share example of it


Subject you can provide as a string

place html code in the body as below

<html><b>ACTION FROM IC Team<\b></html>

Above code will be give bold for the ACTION FROM IC Team

Hope this helps you


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