Formatted body in outlook mail

Hi Forum,
I do not find any answer for my problem. Please help me.
I would like to create a lot of email with SendOutlookEmail function with formatted body.
That means: with picture and hyperlinks and formatted text in mail body.
And the text in body depends on addresse - who gets the email.

Please send me how I can solve that in UiPath.
Thanks in advance

@nokbaratja, We have many posts regarding this,

Basically this requires HTML Formatting to achieve and check the IsBodyHtml property in the desired send mail activity


Dominic :slight_smile:

Thanks Dominic,
The posts is not too usefull on the Forum, but with my colleagues decode the solution.
We have to put the html text in the string and put the string into body field and check IsBodyHtML checkbox.

Thanks a lot


I have quoted it before. Anyways good that you have found the solution.

Dominic :slight_smile: