Outlook automation Colour Coding - mail body

I am developing a Bot in which the mail body should highlight “warning” in Red and bold.

Please help

Hi @ibiswas,

You need to use HTML tags. These HTML tags you need to use in body and code as per your requirements.


Hi Vikas

Thank you for your input. will this HTML tags should be mentioned Uipath

in send outlook mailmessage activity there is a property called IsBodyHtml you should select that property

Hi Divya

I have selected that option but still not able to send the mail with “Warning” as red

Hi Jiban

Thank you for your response but I followed your steps but still not getting the result as desired.

Have you included the as usual html tags? Can i have a screenshot of your Body part’s contents please?
Please use this exact syntax as below:

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Hi Jiban
I got the desired result . Thanks for your support.

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