Write file to local machine not working

I want to write the extracted data into a file in my local machine, I used the activity “Write Text File”, and tested with debugging and there were no errors, and again when I run the process I don’t see the entered data in the notepad. Do I need to enable any settings to write data in notepad
Looking forward for your support, as I was blocked and not able to go further.

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Have you got any error…? kindly share more details


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During debug mode you had the data in the text file?

While running the process any errors occurred?

Hi Prakaz,
Really appreciated your quick response, I am practicing “https://docs.uipath.com/studio/v2018.3/docs/array-variables” to from UI path for writing files, i have added an image of the program i worked on, can you please let me know if you need any further details.

Hi there @g.praveengupta welcome

First of all are you getting any errors? Or does the bot exit without throwing anything…

Secondly, why store it in an array when you can directly use the variables gotten form the input dialog?

Also, if you are facing an issue do share your xaml so that forum people can go through and find issues if any…

@g.praveengupta Check this out ReadInput.xaml (7.0 KB) and check the datatype is generic or not

Thank you prakaz25, sarathi125, Raghavendraprasad. The issue is resolved.
Changes i made to my program:

1.Deleted the personally created txt file at location
2.Deleted the write text file activity and created a new and this time i just added file name within quotes “Results.txt”.
3.And finally it worked and the data was stored in text file.

I was bit worried that if i post in the UI path forum will i get response immediately, but all my thoughts are cleared and i am very confident now if i need any help i have people who can help to resolved.
Once again thank you for quicker help.

Hi , That’s great to hear from you
If you got the solution , pls mark the topic as solved
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