Data extraction -Need to create a file

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am sharing my xaml as attached. Just want to know how to create a text file that can state all the extracted data from all the pdfs?

Sequence.xaml (5.3 KB)

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Sorry unable to understand this point !

hi sorry if i was not clear enough. i am learning UIPATH. i want to extract for both the invoices data and want to put in text file. when loop is running then last invoice data is adding in txt file.

Okay np @taruna.mehra

Could you please share your project zip instead of single xaml ?

OCR (1.6 KB)

extract the required info from the invoice and store it in a string. After this use the write text file activity to write the string into the text file.

If you want use a dynamic file path for the text file to store in separate text files

Ok got it thanks but my point was how can I write both the invoices on one text file?

Hi @taruna.mehra Instead of using write text file inside the loop. use Append line activity.
Because write text file activity will overwrite the file. Thats why you are getting only the last string in the file. Append line will append the string at the end.
Hope this Helps you
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use the appended activity instead

ok will use n let you know

yes will use that and will let you know

Hello @taruna.mehra

In this case you can append line activity. If you use write line activity it will overwrite the data in the text file.

Also another approach is by creating an array and adding the result to the array. Then you can use join and write to text.

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