Write Cell (to Google Sheets) for Each Row

Hi. I would like to do the following, and am having issues:

  • Read data from google sheets
  • Use that data to fill in a form
  • Retrieve a unique “SubmitNumber” from the web application for each row’s form entry submitted.
  • Write that SubmitNumber back to google sheets, for each row.

The part I am looking for help with is the part where I write back to google sheets. So far I came up with the test below (writing a static value of “SubmitNumberVar”), but it is resulting in an error of “Write Cell: Column ‘E’ does not belong to table” when I get to the Write Cell step.

Any advice would be much appreciated!

Hi @jon4378,

Can you share this value you wrote in the Cell field by printing it to an output?


Is there really an E column name in the datatable you are using here? I think you get SubmitNumber as CurrentRow("SubmitNumber").ToString you should log in.CurrentRow(“E”).ToString SubmitNumber