Write Cell: The range does not exist

Hello team I have an error with a formula in Excel, I am doing it this way


This is generating this “Write Cell: The range does not exist.” Error. thank you very much for your help

You need a number after your range, like “HK2:HK20”, or you can specify the entire column with “HK:HK”.

Hello, thank you for your answer, if I have it that way, I think the error is generated in the formula, but I don’t know why.

The range error only refers to the Range field for Write Cell. Are you getting a different error now?

I generated this



But when I remove the formula and enter for example test it does not generate that error

What if you change the Range to “HK1”?

The same mistake

Try to change the semi columns for commas in the parameter separators in your formula.

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Thank you very much it worked :+1:

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