Excel Write Cell: The range does not exist

Hello guys,

i have a problem with my excel application scope, in which i wanna write a formula in a specific cell.
the following screenshot shows my current activity:

(Sheet1 is a variable)

I have to questions and i would be very greatful, if you could answer them:

  1. Why do i always get the exception: The range does not exist?
  2. Which activity do i need to implement next to expand this formula for every other row, where it can find data in column A?

Thank you and kind regards

Hi @FloN,

I have an alternative approach for the same.

  1. Take an TypeInto activity and Type B13 as shown below


  1. Send HotKey Enter : (cell will be activated)

  2. Type the Formula

image .

  1. Send Hotkeys (Shift+down arrow) key : select all the cells you want to fill it across.

  2. SendHotkey (F2 ) key : to bring the cursor in the first cell.

  3. Send Hotkey (Ctrl + D )or (Ctrl + R) : to fill the formula.


Hi @FloN

you can do it based on write value activity within excel application scope activity and pass the cell as "B13:B+Dt.Rows.Counts.ToString range and give the formula

Ashwin S

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