Write Cell _Error Occurs


Hello guys, anyone know what’s wrong is it? Thank you


Check whether the dt1 has data or not

And you are writing on the Cell B1 means is the headers of the excel is it right you are expecting

Hi @CHAN_Hiu_Fung_Victor_Stud ,
Let check by messages box first

Or simple you can try write cell with activity of workbook or excel classic

Can use If, check if dt1.row(0).item(3).toString not null before write to cell


Check the data “dt1.row(0).item(3).toString”
before writing into excel table having any data or not and then write into excel

Thank you

Hi @CHAN_Hiu_Fung_Victor_Stud

Put a breakpoint in that activity and run in debug mode
check the value in local or watch panel
check which variable having null value