Write value in the excel cell by using write cell activity and the value is not written

How to write the value in the cell.
i like to write in the cell if the str_name equal to “B” then write100 in the B row of the Result cell.
The program runs with no error. But it is not written in the cell.
The type of the result is int_result(int) , i changed Convert.toString(int_result) but still it is not written.
is the range wrong?



As you are passing all the values through variables

Can you check the variables are having correct values?

Place a breakpoint and debug the flow, in the locals pane you able to see the variables and their values

if you can share those then we can understand the issue


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@ksrinu070184 Hello
here let me share them.


Can you check below value?


It should be like B1, B2 … etc

If you could share your workflow with excel, then I can correct for you


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Hello @ksrinu070184
Thank you . i attach the work flow in the pic. simply.if the str_name(“B”) exist in the table, then put some value of its row of Result column.

Main.xaml (9.5 KB) Result.xlsx (8.2 KB)

Thanks again

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