Write Cell: Could not write cell with row offset 0


I have been recently upgraded to uipath Studio 2021.10.03 and after updating the dependencies of the project I am getting the following error:

Uipath.Excel.Activities = 2.11.4
Uipath.Mail.Activities = 1.12.3
Uipath.System.Activities = 21.10.3
Uipath.UiAutomation.Activities = 21.10.4

Classic Design : Write Cell: Could not write cell Y48.
Modern Design: Write Cell: Could not write cell $Y$48 with row offset 0.

I have created a while loop which tries to write the cells 500 time to check why it is causing errors and the errors appears on the random files & random cells.
I have also added the delay of 5 seconds but I am still getting the error.

Can anyone help us with this issue ?

Starting with classic…
Which write cell do you use? THe one in an application scope, or the standalone system one?

If it is random as you describe, my guess would be timing. Depending on the settings excel is saved after each write cell. If that’s too fast you might get read/write conflicts that prevent the next cell to be written while the previous one still locks the document.

If you do it within an excel scope, and uncheck the autosave, this might solve that. (Be sure to save all in the end though).

There’s a lot of guesswork here not knowing your exact sequence and setup, but I suppose it’s a good startingpoint.



Thanks for the quick response.
Yes it is inside the excel scope.
I have unchecked the auto save now and has put a delay for 3 seconds and add a save workbook activity.
Now it is failing while saving the workbook.

Can you please advise further.

Failing how.
Please be specific if you want to avoid more guesses. Righ now it can be as sinple as a typing error.

Can you provide a detailed error message, or screenshot of the error?
As well as (a screenshot of) the activities you execute.