Does sequential Workbook Write Cell affect next Write Cell?

For example:
Write Cell
Write Cell

Write Cell

Sequence like this, sometimes Excel go wrong, Excel is used by another process.Does uipath process so fast that this Write Cell is not finished and next write cell starts to work.

yes of course buddy @gareth_Hua
its like once you use a write cell it would have written something and excel file will be running in background so meanwhile if you try to write again with some other cell in the SAME excel we will be getting this error

so to avoid this if the write cell is used within a loop say a for each loop or a for each row loop, instead of using multiple write cell activity we can use one write cell activity and increment the cell range
easy na
so in write cell activity if we want to write in column A and in each cell down one by one starting 1st cell, i.e, from A1, we can do the following steps
–use a for each row loop or for each loop or loop activity with some input to it or a condition
–inside the loop use a write cell activity and mention the sheetname and the cell range should be
where Counter is a variable of type int32 been declared in variable panel with a default value of 1
–then use a assign activity to increment the value of counter like this
Counter = Counter + 1

so now the write cell will write in each cell one by one with out any hindrance
Kindly try this and let know buddy
Cheers @gareth_Hua


Thanks! It seems great! I will try it later.:grinning:

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