Would someone help with setting OCR text exists properties


I’m having a problem where the Text Exists always returns false.

I have a workflow that contains a Sequence Activity, which contains an OCR Text Exists Activity.

variable: test (String) scope (Workflow)

On the Sequence Activity, I set Exists Property to Not Is Nothing(test) (this gives me warning that something is wrong, but I can’t figure out what’s wrong about it), Text to “Ship Batteries”, Occurrence to 1.

In the MicrosoftOCR Activitiy I set Text = test.

The rest of the properties are default.


Could you please attach your workflow.


I don’t see anything I can click on to attach my workflow… I was going to send you a message with it attached, but there wasn’t anything there either for me to click in order to attach.


Could you please increase TimeOutError to 30000 and WaitForReady to Complete


Did that… still same problem… (I did figure out how to send the workflow via Message to you)


This is a link to what fixed this problem…