Unable to read/extract text using OCR from Web

Hi All,

Hoping someone can help me with below. I am trying to extract text from multiple urls(Multiple urls gathered using table extraction from website). I need to go to each url and extract text/information from them. Since the data is not in tabular form, I am trying to use OCR Text Exists first and take action based on whether text exists or not. I tried running in debug mode as well and it doesn’t seem to read the text mentioned in “OCR Exists Text” Activity. Attaching screenshots for reference.

Hey @Mchande!! That’s too little information to help you! But by the prints, I’m going to show an error that may be kicking in. Note that the selected page always has the “Nate A” window as its “parent”. Try to set it a little dynamic. Put “title= ‘*| Sales Navigator’”. If this doesn’t help, bring more information so that we can reach the desired solution!

Hi @gabrielribas4 - Thank you for replying. Basically, below is what I am doing.
I am planning to get information from linkedIn for all the individuals based on my search criteria.
First I get the list of individuals along with their urls(their profile i.e. each url is unique) using table extraction activity.
Then I am looping through each of them by going into their profile and getting additional information from their profile page. So when I loop through their URLs individually, I am using OCR Text Exists activity to check if text exist(Output to "ContactInfo Variable) and log a message if it does. If the Text doesn’t exist then I need to capture data, which I am trying to capture using Get OCR Text activity. The issue is for each OCR Text Exists, its returning false even though the exists. Please let me know if you would like more information.