[Inquiry] OCR Text Exists Activity. What is the best function for recognize text?

Dear all,

Thank you in advance! Could you please help for reading text on the page?
I’d like to Robot to recognize below text and proceed next action based on ‘If’ condition.
However, as I tested, Robot cannot read proper message.
I’m testing with Firefox browser. (Tried with Chrome and IE already)

Target message : Showing 0 or No transactions found
Process is like below. If there is no transactions, it should be go to ‘Main Page’


Hi @Dorothy_lee

Did u tried with get text ?

I haven’t tried yet! I’ll try it and update here

Is it a webpage or file ?

It’s webpage.

Gettext is also failed…

[Error Message]

Hi if u trying to check whether the text is existing or not

Use Element exist activitiy for this


Nived N :robot:

Happy Automation :relaxed::relaxed:

WOW~ It’s properly working with Element exist!
Thank you for helps!

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