Working with multiple Excel Application Scopes

I have to process data from two Excel files, how do I work with two Excel Application Scopes and switch frequently between them? Do I place one Excel Application Scope inside another or do I place them one after another in alternating order?


Read the data from two Excel files and then apply your logic and all to find the required solution.

Hi, I want to process it row by row from each Excel application instead of working on the whole data table because I am working with large volume data and UiPath tends to crash halfway through if I process the data in bulk


Yes, use Read Range activity to read data from Excel file and will give you output as dataTable. Then use For Each Row activity to iterate one by one row.

Sorry, I would like to use Read Range row by row instead of Read Range for the entire DataTable…

e.g. Read Range for a row file/application 1, then Read Range for each row from file/application 2, follow up with the next row from file/application 1 and compare with each from file/application 2

So I will be switching applications within each loop

i.e. instead of for each row in the DataTable, I increment the index, Read Range for that particular row and then Read Range for the comparison row in the second application

My enquiry is how to perform this switching between Excel applications with minimal issues?