Open paths using excel application scope

Good day!
I have a couple of excel files and I’m working to do the following:

  • Copy the path for each excel file in my Excel input file (done)
  • Using Uipath, open each path and copy the data I have in it (pending)

Could you please help me to do pending step? I don’t know how to use an Excel Application Scope and make it variable to read every path and then open it. Thanks in advance.

Use directory.getfiles method to get all the files
and pass it into for each loop inside that you can use each excel file to copy data


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I believe the first step copying the path for each excel file is a manual step.

For the second one,

  1. Use excel read range activity to read all the content from the Excel input file. output will be of type datatable
  2. use for each row activity and specify the datatable as input
  • Use Read range activity and specify the link in the first row as row("").tostring. the output will be of type datatable.
  • Use write range activity to write the retrieved data into a new file. or do the necessary data processing.
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