How can I get more then 1 sheets data from excel file


I have an excel which has 8 sheets and I want to extract data from 2 specifik sheets. But I do not want to call excel application scope more then one time.

I tried Wrokbook but I didt get the write data and then I tried creating 2 argument for Read Range… where im giving “” for both sheet and cell as I want to read more then one sheet.

But its not showing result can someone help me.

Inside one excel application scope, you can use two Read Range activities to get the data from two different sheets.

Excel Application Scope -
Read Range -> Sheet1Name
Read Range -> Sheet2Name
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But then I need to create 2 more arguments for that right? OR I can specify more then one Sheet names in value?

You have to save the outputs to two data tables.

Karthik Byggari

I didt got it. kindly explain

Excel Application Scope 

   Read Range Activity, Value: Sheet1, Output: DataTable1
   Read Range Activity, Value: Sheet2, Output: DataTable2

End of Excel Application Scope

Karthik Byggari

I have Excel scope in one file and where I want to use the data of this excel file in different file.
ReadFromExcel.xaml = calling excel application scope
GetSheet1DataAndReadUser = calling the sheet 1 and should loop after receiving the data
GetSheet2DataAndLogin = calling the sheet 2 and do some steps

here is the picture where I want the 1st sheet result in as an argument.

Hi @Latif
Use Excel Application scope and create a workbook variable
and then use for each item in wb.GetSheets

use read range and pass the item in sheeht name and next do your manipulations

Ashwin S

can you send a small demo of that… I tried that too but Im getting issue :frowning:

Hi @Latif (35.5 KB)
Please check this workflow


I looked your code its perfect I got my to work to show through argument the sheet name.
Now just one question… when Im on sheet one and need to read data from that sheet. how can i specify read rang sheet (“interest”) in rang area?

how can i stop loop?

I have 4 rows in excell file with ID.

In my for each row loop i’m extracting User ID by Get Row Item…

I have… if statement … where im giving get row item value and saying do then and else… and
In Then I have many activity and one element Exist activity… after that i have an if statement again where Im checking if this exist value is true… Do Then or Do Else.

For Each row loop
id found
element exist activites
element exist
end for each row loop

I want that when my element exist activity is true then my Loop should run further and when its False then go to Else activity…
Its doing right …
But when it comes to False activity it runs further in loop and not ending the loop and taking next id where i want that i go to next stage of workflow.

im completely loss :frowning:

please help